The TEX Plan


Texas JSA needs money. Regions need money. Chapters need money. No money, no JSA. A lot of candidates talk about money. I’m the candidate who gets money. As Texas Lieutenant Governor, I will work to refine the fundraising process and help provide each chapter with the resources it needs.

Expansion through Empowerment

As the founder of a JSA chapter, I know firsthand the difficulty of expansion. In the beginning, truth be told, it was hard. But we worked hard. As Lieutenant Governor, I'm ready to do the same at a statewide level.

Xenophilia, not Xenophobia

Junior States of America values diversity and inclusion, and rightly so. As the penny is inscribed, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” or “Out of many, one.” As Lieutenant Governor of Texas, I am determined to uphold these values and solve any problem that threatens them.

"Vote for Ben Crockett- the candidate who will push Texas forward"




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