I'm Ben "Texas" Crockett.

Yes, I'm related to Davy Crockett. No, I don't wear a coonskin cap. I am proud to be running for JSA Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Texas. Like many of y'all, I have found a place to call home in Junior States of America. But even the best of homes need a remodel every once in a while, and I'm determined to get the job done well. Feel free to explore this page as well as my Instagram for more information about me and my plan. Vote Ben for the win!

The TEX Plan



Texas JSA needs money. Regions need money. Chapters need money. No money, no JSA. A lot of candidates talk about money. I’m the candidate who gets money. As Texas Lieutenant Governor, I will work to refine the fundraising process and help provide each chapter with the resources it needs.


Expansion through Empowerment

As the founder of a JSA chapter, I know firsthand the difficulty of expansion. In the beginning, truth be told, it was hard. But we worked hard. As Lieutenant Governor, I'm ready to do the same at a statewide level.


Xenophilia, not Xenophobia

Junior States of America values diversity and inclusion, and rightly so. As the penny is inscribed, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” or “Out of many, one.” As Lieutenant Governor of Texas, I am determined to uphold these values and solve any problem that threatens them.

"Vote for Ben Crockett- the candidate who will push Texas forward"


Mathew Skolar

Mathew Skolar

"Aside from giving the best 'yeehaw' I've ever heard and giving the wildest autograph I have ever collected, Ben... would make a strong representative for the Texas State at a national level."

Hannah Augsbach Lamma

Hannah Augsbach Lamma

"I could not think of a better person to represent the great state of Texas."

Jack Gripton

Jack Gripton

"He has a strong moral compass."

Chris Adams

Chris Adams

"He is a natural leader who will make the Texas state a better place."

Malcom Certain

Malcom Certain

"[Ben Crockett is] A man whose dedication and commitment is matched only by his fiery Texas spirit."

Carson Wolf

Carson Wolf

"The truth, honor, integrity, and ingenuity that [Ben Crockett] brings to the organization of JSA is encouraging and gives me true hope."


Ben Crockett is

more than a leader-

he's a friend.



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